Who are the Gear Grinders?

We are a family oriented 4 Wheel Drive Club who enjoy using our vehicles to explore the great outdoors. We are comprised of families, singles, grandparents, military and civilians. Although we are mostly Jeeps, we are NOT a Jeep Club. All makes and models of 4 wheel drive vehicles are welcome. We are Jeeps, Toyotas, Chevrolets, and Fords (we even have a Lexus!).

Where are the Gear Grinders?

We are in Ridgecrest, Ca. about 100 miles east of Bakersfield, in Indian Wells Valley, in the northern Mojave Desert. We are surrounded by the Sierra Nevada to the west, the Coso to the north, the Slate to the east, and the El Paso to the south. Not far (about 30 miles) to east is Panamint Valley site of the Cal4Wheel event “Panamint Valley Days”.

My 4X4 is stock, may I still come along?

Of course! We try to have runs for every skill level and vehicle type. Not all runs are suitable for all vehicles; please check with the Trail Boss when you RSVP for vehicle requirements.
What equipment is required?
We require that the vehicle driver hold a valid driving license, and that they be insured to the state minimums. We also require that all run participants have at least the following safety equipment: seatbelts for all vehicle occupants, a roll bar for all soft top vehicles, a tow strap of sufficient strength , and adequate attach points, a jack capable of lifting your vehicle, a shovel, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a spare tire.

What kinds of runs do you go on?

We have runs of pretty much every description, from mild to wild, historical and scenic. We explore areas in the desert and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Death Valley, Panamint Valley, Searles Valley, and beyond.

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