Why should I join a club or Association?

To preserve our right to access to public lands, we must be represented. Representation starts with club and association membership.

How can I report land use?

Roads remain open by using them. In order for road use to count land managers must know that the road is being used. You can report road use to land managers by using the handy form on the Cal4Wheel website, which you can find at http://cal4wheel.com/.

How can I help?

Start by joining your local club or association. Then stay on top of land access issues. Write letters, make phone calls and talk to land managers and elected officials. Then get out and VOTE! And above all conduct yourself in a credible manner at all times when out on the road.

How can I keep up with all the changes?

Nearly all associations and coalitions have Action Alert email lists. Get on one. Better yet get on several, there is a lot going on and the more we are involved the better our chances to retain access to public lands.

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