Land Use Advocacy

Anyone who enjoys our backcountry roads in this beautiful country should be well aware of the threat to close our roads and to deprive us of the recreation that we enjoy with our family and friends. If you don’t know what I am talking about you need to crawl out from underneath that rock you are hiding under. Don’t wait for YOUR favorite backcountry road to be closed to finally ask “What can I do?” Now is the time to take action. Below are listed 10 simple things that you can do to help. Pick one, pick them all. Just do something!

In the Blue Ribbon Magazine April 2005 issue, it is stated in the article “Are you in the Choir?” by Brian Hawthorne, “You look at the best case scenario and note that only 9 percent of OHV users are members of a club or access organization!” It’s a sad statistic, isn’t it?

If you have any questions or comments concerning this page please send us a comment. If you would like additional info on how you can help keep our roads open, I will be more than happy to email you with information to get you “pointed” in the right direction.

Gear Grinders 4WD Club, Inc.

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Education is a continuing process of 4-wheeling and occurs in all its phases.

We attribute the success of our club to many things, including some rules and guidelines which help protect us all and spread good will for all 4-wheelers. Some of these guidelines include:

  1. What you pack in – you also pack out. Provide a container for your own trash. Never throw anything from a moving vehicle (or stopped). Do NOT put cans, eggshells, or aluminum foil in campfires. Pick up others litter if space allows.
  2. Don’t be careless about matches, fire, or smokes. Be sure all fires are OUT COMPLETELY.
  3. Use firearms ONLY in approved or safe areas.
  4. Speed limit recommended within a camp area is 5MPH.
  5. When traveling with other 4-wheel drive vehicles, always wait at the turn for the vehicle behind you. Keep the vehicle behind you in sight or at least use radio contact.
  6. Often you are in a forest, park, or on private property and it is the responsibility of your leader to be aware of the regulations or laws for that area, and to inform those members in attendance.
  7. Destruction of plants, turf, etc., is certainly to be avoided. The TREAD LIGHTLY guidelines shall be followed.
  8. If you leave the caravan during a trip, please tell the Trail Boss or person in charge.
  9. Overnight camping is different since you are together for longer periods of time, and are out of your vehicles. Courtesy towards your fellow campers should be maintained regarding noise, animals, children. Use common sense.
  10. Leave every area cleaner than you found it.

If you have any questions, please ask the trail boss or another club member.

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