First Meeting

In December of 1971 they had their first official meeting and elections.

FIRST ELECTED OFFICERS                                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President: Dean Karlberg                                                                      • Clyde Burton

1st Vice-President: Frank Stevens                                                          • Dave Perry          

2nd Vice-President: Noel Gravell                                                            • Bob Windhardt    

Secretary: Jan Felsen                                                                    

Treasurer: Wanda Tabb                                                                

FOUNDING FAMILIES                                                                  COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN

Bill & Judy Burns                                                                           • Conservation: Oscar Felsen

Dave Perry                                                                                   • Safety: Gene Tabb

Clyde & Nell Burton                                                                       • Historian: Phylis Snyder

Frank Stevens                                                                               • Refreshments: Vi Moomay

Oscar & Jan Felsen                                                             

Steve & Phylis Snyder

Noel & Ellene Gravell

Gene & Wanda Tabb

Dean & Jane Karlberg

Bob Winehardt

Vi Moomay

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