Club History

We began as a loose-knit group of 4-wheeling families, calling themselves at first, the “Indian Wells 4WD Club” and the “High Desert 4-Wheelers”.

While on an outing in Saline Valley in October of 1971, they decided to become an official club and join the California Association of 4WD Clubs.

First Meeting

In December of 1971 they had their first official meeting and elections.

FIRST ELECTED OFFICERS                                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President: Dean Karlberg                                                                      • Clyde Burton

1st Vice-President: Frank Stevens                                                          • Dave Perry          

2nd Vice-President: Noel Gravell                                                            • Bob Windhardt    

Secretary: Jan Felsen                                                                    

Treasurer: Wanda Tabb                                                                

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Public service activities have included:

  • Johnny Horizon cleanups in co-operation with CORL and the BLM.
  • Supporting Ridgecrest Improvement Committee’s Fund Raising Dinner.
  • Assisting in forming foundations and framing the same committee’s building at the Golf Center project.
  • Provided vehicles and drivers for the California State Department of Parks and Recreation Tour of Red Rock Canyon.
  • Sponsored public meeting for the BLM on the subject of land closures in the desert.
  • In the past we have participated in the Adopt-a-Trail program with the BLM, Forest Service, and National Park Service. Our current roads include the Eureka/Saline Corridor with Death Valley National Park and a co-adoption of the Sherman Pass 4X4 Road with the Bakersfield Trailblazers with the Sequoia National Forest.
  • Active participants in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life!
  • Participated in the First Annual Alabama Hills Day 2012 sponsored by the Alabama Hills stewardship group.
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