Jody Stewart-Patterson

Our dear friend and the Ghostess of Cerro Gordo, Jody Stewart-Patterson passed away on December 6, 2001 at the age of 57 from cancer. Her memorial service held in May, 2002, was attended by more than 225 people, in the American Hotel. She truly loved Cerro Gordo and all those who passed through to visit or to volunteer. She made everyone feel welcome.

Jody's Grandmother was cook up on the hill back in the 1920's and her Uncle Cecile was a co-owner and caretaker of Cerro Gordo in the early 1980's. When things got tight, he asked Jody up to see the little town high in the Inyo's, in hopes that maybe she might buy him out. She arrived in her bug-eyed Sprite, stepped out into the dirt in her high heels, and fell in love with the little mining camp. She one by one bought out the co owners until she owned it lock, stock and barrel, and the rest is history. 

She moved up to Cerro Gordo in 1984, followed soon by Mike Patterson, and together they began the arduous task of restoring the Gordon House to live in as their residence. Once livable and restored to turn-of-the-century splendor, they took on the rest of the town. With Mike's construction abilities & creativity and her vision & creativity, they cleaned out, redid, unearthed, covered up, moved, re-moved, painted and repainted, re-carpeted, re-wallpapered, created or recreated, anything and everything to make it the charming place it is today.

Upon the loss of his wife, Mike then took hold of the rein's, and kept moving forward. Sometimes to go forward, you take two steps back, but he kept the dream alive.

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