The Adopt-a-Trail is a program that encourages volunteers from the general public to help maintain roads to keep them open to the public for everyone’s enjoyment. Most 4WD roads reside on BLM, National Park and National Forest lands. Due to decreased budgets to the services that maintain these 4WD roads, many roads have degraded due to weather, irresponsible use and lack of maintenance causing several roads to close.

The Gear Grinders 4WD Club is proud to participate in the Adopt-a-Trail program and, along with other 4WD Clubs, have worked hard to keep many roads open for ALL to enjoy.

Below are Trails and Some Cabins we visit and maintain.

Day Trips

The following are day trips:

Easy- Moderate- Difficult-
• Cerro Gordo • Mazurka Canyon • IshamCanyon
• Black Canyon/Opal Mountain • Last Chance Canyon  
• Cottonwood/Marble Canyons • Goler Gulch/Sheep Spring  
• Titus Canyon • Nightmare Gulch  
• Hawee Reservoir • Horse Canyon/McIver’s Spring  
• Greenhorn Mountains • Sherman Pass  
• Hunter Mountain/Hidden Valley • Inyo Crest Trail  
  • Rand Mountains  
  • Goler Wash  
  • South Park Canyon  
  • Pleasant Canyon  
  • Lookout Mountain  
  • Slate Range Crossing  
  • Fish Canyon  

Bob-Tail Runs

The following are bob-tail runs. These runs are overnight runs in different locations out of your vehicle.

Easy- Moderate- Difficult-
• Saline Valley/Eureka Corridor • Rock Creek/Wheeler Ridge  
• Providence Mountains • Echo Canyon  
• Mojave Road • Baker Creek/Coyote Flat  
• Heritage Trails • Resting Spring Trail  
• Silver/Wyman Canyons • Lippincott Mine Road  
  • Dead Horse Meadow/Crooked Creek  

Overnight Trips

The following are overnight trips. We will drive to a central camping area and have trips out each day in the local area.

Easy- Moderate- Difficult-
• Rodman Mountains • Calico (Odessa/Doran Canyon) • Stoddard Wells
• Dale Mining District • Truckhaven Hills • Johnson Valley
  • Dumont Dunes  
  • Big Bear  

Sherman Pass 4X4 Road (33E48)

Directions to the Trailhead: From Kernville, take Sierra Way (M99) north for about 20 miles. Turn right on Sherman Pass Road (FS 22S05) for about 8 miles to the trailhead (FS 33E48) which will be on the left. The trailhead has a large parking area, with plenty of room for “airing down” and an information sign.

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McIver 4X4 Road (36E52)

Directions to the Trailhead: Take 14 South to Little Dixie Wash. Turn right on BLM SC65. For a landmark look for Call box 14-493. Follow SC65 westward into Horse Canyon. On the left look for the stone reservoir and cattle trough, this marks Horse Canyon Well. Stay right on SC65. Soon you will enter the Sequoia National Forest. You will notice sections of asphalt indicating that this road was once paved. The road becomes a shelf road and climbs up Horse Canyon toward the crest of the mountains. Look behind you for a beautiful vista of Horse Canyon and the Indian Wells Valley below. In a saddle before the summit begins the Scodie Hiking Trail (FS 36E04) which leads to the Yellow Jacket Spring on through Cholla Canyon, ending at Kelso Valley Road. Continue on the road to the summit, here you will find a microwave tower and the sign marking the McIver 4x4 road.

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Saline/Eureka Corridor

Due to Death Valley National Park policy changes, we no longer have this adopt-a-trail.
This page is maintained for informational purposes only.

Part of the charm of this area is its isolation. There are no services in Saline or Eureka Valley. The Saline Valley Road is 100 miles between Highway 395 in Big Pine and State Route 190. Not all the roads in this area are 4WD, but weather can quickly change the road conditions. Summer temperatures can be extreme and winter storms can quickly isolate the backcountry adventurer from the main highway. Before you visit this area always check weather and road conditions. For the first time visitor, check out our links at the bottom of this page for additional resources to help in planning your first trip.

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Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

The Gear Grinders became the first 4-wheel drive club to adopt Cerro Gordo Ghost Town in 1985. We won the CA4WDC State Conservation Award for our conservation efforts of the Cerro Gordo Ghost Town for the year 2009. However, it sadly was based on the death of the owner, Mike Patterson.

The owners of Cerro Gordo, Jody Stewart and Mike Patterson, had been warned about that “renegade” Jeep clubs. It was in 1984 when that first fateful encounter occurred, but with unexpected results.. Mike had seen the Gear Grinders as they rounded the corner on Chinese Hill and was prepared to defend his property by any means necessary. Upon meeting the club members, he realized the warning was unfounded. A long friendship was forged that day that lasted until both had passed away; Jody in 2001 and Mike in 2009. They are so missed, but their legacy continues as the Gear Grinders still support Cerro Gordo in many ways, helping the current caretakers, Robert & Sandy and the Patterson family. You can call Robert at 760-876-5030 to visit and make a reservation for a tour; recommended donation of $10/person for a tour helps with continued restoration projects.

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