Supported Organizations

Here is a list of a few organizations that the Gear Grinders proudly support.


Blue-Ribbon Coalition
  • "We've united to defend access for motorized recreation nationwide. We Care About what's happening in your back yard, and your right to enjoy your sport."
  • "'We are recreationists of all types, working together to preserve our precious natural heritage.' We campaign to replace 'user conflict' with 'user cooperation'. All recreationists must learn to share trails and facilities. All must learn acceptance and good manners."



 "In an age when outdoor recreation is the sport of choice, it is everyone’s responsibility to exercise responsible outdoor practices. Tread Lightly! is a non-profit educational program, whose sole purpose is to educate all types of outdoor enthusiasts on how to respect and conserve our natural resources."

Cal 4-Wheel

"We're the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. Since 1959, our non-profit organization has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation. Today, the Association represents over 8,000 members and 160 member clubs. We are the largest organization of this type in the State and represent owners of all makes and models of 4WD vehicles, as well as non-owners who support responsible vehicle oriented recreation."



 "The California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) is a varied group of outdoor recreationists who are extremely active in promoting the positive aspects of vehicular access on public lands and protecting that right."





*All quotes are the welcome/mission statements provided by the respective organizations
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